Below is the latest episode of Full Life’s television program FLASH tv, which includes a lot of great information about Uplife, a new inclusive community art space in Portland, Oregon. Full Life is a singular and wonderful program also located in Portland (see our overview here).

FLASH tv, produced by the Full Life Allstars and Rob Grey, is the most successful outlet for creative performance we’ve discovered at a progressive art studio. The charming, low budget production has an open-ended concept (including sketches, interviews, and absolutely anything else that they come up with), creating a context for new ways of thinking about and engaging in performance, as well as documenting real life experiences. Like many Full Life projects, FLASH tv doesn't produce a marketable art product, but instead demonstrates something more profound about the ideals of the progressive art studio through a pure and focused commitment to tapping into the rich, creative minds of the artists.

all 36 episodes of FLASH tv are available right here: http://www.flashtvpdx.com/